Paula McPherson

From STRESSED to BLESSED! Microblading completely changed my life! In 2016 I had been a (vastly underpaid) Chemist for 2 years and was just not happy with the work I did. I DREADED going to work. Living from paycheck to paycheck, I decided to take a Microblading course after seeing a picture of Microblading one night. My goal was to do one or two people a month on the side, just enough so money wasn’t tight. Within 8 months, demand was so high I quit my job and moved into a studio to pursue Microblading full time. I am now make a living off of doing something that I absolutely LOVE. Being financially stable is great, but enjoying what you do everyday is priceless!

Nothing like this just falls in your lap, but with a little hard work and a lot of dedication and passion, it is possible for anyone!

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