Many of those who come to Rethink Beauty are excited for Permannet Makeup and for the changes and benefits it will provide them, and they also need options when it comes to paying for their investment. I totally understand. This is why Rethink Beauty has partnered with Cherry, a great financing company that has a strong relationship with Rethink Beauty. There are a variety of plans depending on your treatment and financing needs.

When you come in for a free consult, we will chat about Permanent Makeup Options, ensure you are an ideal candidate, map out a treatment plan, show you Rethink Beauty client’s before and after photos so you can see what Permanent Makeup can do for you, talk about your investment, and see what makes sense financially.

We walk you through all the options and plans. The BEST news, you can fill out a short form to be pre-qualified, which is only a soft hit to your credit, so you can have complete transparency about your monthly payments and options.

Permannet Makeup is an investment in you, your confidence and happiness, and one I strongly believe is more than worth it.

I love that my clients can find a solution to their beauty needs through Permanent Makeup and the change it makes not only in their daily routine, but in their confidence and self acceptance!