Rethink Beauty is “By Appointment Only”, with limited appointment times during the days and hours of Monday through Saturday. This means that clients respecting their appointment times is of the utmost importance. Same day appointments will only be available with last minute openings in the schedule, but can be an occasional occurrence.

As a By Appointment Only business, this means that when a client books their appointment, it should be intended as kept on the date of the original booking. However, cancellations are unavoidable at times and we at Rethink Beauty understand and respect that fact. Cancellations are required 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time, and are subject to administrative fees of $5.00 added to the next appointment if the cancellation cannot be done by the Client through the Square booking system. The $5.00 charge will show on the Client’s card on file as a “Administrative Booking Fee” in Square Items as charged with client’s blanket consent and agreement upon booking. These administrative fees are not refundable, and are not applied to any current or future appointments. The fee simply covers our time at manipulating the appointment for the client in our booking system, in the event that the original booking can’t be kept and the client needs assistance in the appointment booking needs to be manipulated with assistance from Rethink Beauty. 

Cancellations that are done in less than a 48 hour window are subject to a $65.00 rebooking fee, which must be paid in advance as a nonrefundable deposit towards the next scheduled appointment.

A Client receives several reminders of their booked appointment, and has several opportunities to change their appointment directly without accruing fees. Any fees/deposits cancellations are often avoidable with advanced notice of the required cancellation.

Rethink Beauty reserves the right to cancel any client booking at any time for abusive or disrespectful, unsafe behavior directed towards the business, in any capacity. Rethink Beauty reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for failure to follow our formal business policies.

Rethink Beauty works very hard to ensure a safe, professional, loving, and respectful environment for clients, and reciprocity is appreciated, expected, and required. By confirming your first appointment at Rethink Beauty – client acknowledges receipt of this policy and agreement with the terms outlined herein.

Thank you – Kati Olsen, Owner – Rethink Beauty



No Shows are 100% avoidable outside of medical emergency. At Rethink Beauty, we covet close relationships with our clients, and want to maintain long standing relationships. Because of that, we would always respect a provable medical emergency as reason for a No Show.

A No Show for a business actively costs the business money, which inevitably, is passed on to the client who caused the damage to the business. Our formal No Show Policy is outlined below.

No Shows without provable medical cause are subject and will be charged FULL PRICE of their scheduled appointment charge to the card on file. Clients agree to this blanket charge upon booking and confirming their booked appointment.

Any Full Price charge that is made by Rethink Beauty can be reversed with documented medical emergency communication after the charge was made and as soon as communication by the client becomes available.

Clients who No Show to an appointment will not be rebooked until their full price debt outstanding for the scheduled service is paid.

If a client removes their credit card on file and prevents the Full Price No Show charge from going through, the client understands that they will be invoiced for a valid debt outstanding by Square to their email account. This bill will remain outstanding according to the Statute of Limitations in the State of WA, and is subject to collections and/or legal actions for resolve.

Clients understand that Rethink Beauty is not a credit company and does not accept payments on any service charges owed.

As a small business, Rethink Beauty depends on the respect of a client booking their appointment, and information is received by the client in order to protect that booked time value.

Clients will provide their name, address, phone number, email address, and DOB, as well as a card on file before booking any appointment. The client also agrees and confirms all formalized business policies associated with their appointment at Rethink Beauty, so a NO SHOW outside of medical emergency is a blatant cause for full price charge to the No Show Client.

No exceptions outside of medical emergency (documented) will be made to this policy.

Thank you – Kati Olsen, Owner – Rethink Beauty



Rethink Beauty requires a Credit Card kept on file for booking client services. We have an expectation that clients keep their original booking on the schedule, as we utilize the bookings to plan our business income for that time frame, and rescheduling creates a fluctuation in business profits. However, there are times that rescheduling a client’s appointment is necessary. We value our Client relationships, and we work together with our clients to communicate respectfully to avoid rescheduling as often as possible.

A client is responsible to reschedule their appointment on the Square booking system directly, and clients understand that if they require assistance in doing so, their credit card is subject to a $5.00 administrative fee for assistance in the rescheduling process. Clients agree to these fees and charges upon confirming their appointment. Clients understand that these fees do not get credited to their current or rescheduled appointments, and are fees for time.

Similar to our Cancellation Policy, a 48 hour window is appreciated and expected for rescheduling so Rethink Beauty can have maximized time to rebook the slot that is now open with your rescheduled appointment.

Appointments that are rescheduled by the client on-line 48 hours in advance or more, are not subject to any admin fees or nonrefundable deposits for future bookings. Rescheduling that happens at 48 hours or less requires an automatic nonrefundable deposit on the rescheduled service of $65.00 to book. That $65.00 will go towards the upcoming appointment that the client has rescheduled. This will be done automatically, charged to the Client Credit Card on file, according to the outlined formal business policies that client agrees on upon confirmation of original appointment.

Rescheduling an appointment more than 3 times will result in possible full price pre-paid service. A client is required to always keep their current contact information on file, in the event that any unpaid fees or deposits are unpaid and turned to collections for legal action.

All Client policies are subject to change at any time by Rethink Beauty, based on consumer movement, as well as general economic changes for the business.

Clients understand that their Client Profile will remain in good standing with mutual respect of the business schedule, as well as the client’s occasional need to reschedule their appointment. We understand that Rescheduling is sometimes necessary, and we know this policy respects both the client as well as the business, Rethink Beauty.

Thank you – Kati Olsen, Owner – Rethink Beauty